Innovation Frontiers – Multiplier Event


The AppHop UK Pop-up Gaming Hub event took place on the 12th August 2021 on the LMC campus. The event ran from 9.30am until 15.00pm and we welcomed a selection of local vocational educators and learners representing stakeholders and training providers. This event was an opportunity for LMC to share the App Hop project results with a range of the target audience and the event was attended by 26 people.


We were fortunate to be able to hold the event physically on the LMC campus with strict COVID-19 safety measures in place. A full agenda was in place with an introductory presentation about the project rationale, aims and objectives and key target groups. The participants were then separated in to two groups depending on their needs. Students and vocational learners conducted a Digital Breakout Challenge Workshop while educators and
adults were given the opportunity to work through some elements of the In-service Training Programme.

The afternoon sessions included breakout activities for all participants including entrepreneurial workshops and a guest speaker from the local government. The event came to a close with a presentation from LMC about how the App Hop project can be used going forward and how it can be embedded into existing vocational provision.

Dissemination Materials

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Results & Findings

The event was a great success and it was rewarding to be able to host a physical event after such a long period of having to interact with the target audience via virtual activities. The attendees provided overwhelmingly positive feedback in relation to the project results and resources.

The vocational students enjoyed the gaming aspects and using the Digital Breakout Challenges while the educators found the In-service Training Programme informative and easy to use.

There were a couple of issues identified in relation to the project website and the process of accessing the e-learning platform, these issue have since been addressed.


LMC are extremely pleased with the outcome of the event, we would have liked to have welcomed more participants but we had to take into account the attendees health and safety in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Those who did attend provided positive feedback on the project resources and many of the educators said that they would look to utilise the resources as part of their vocational offer at the start of the new academic year. LMC found the event an overwhelming positive experience and it reinforced our confidence in the consortiums achievements over the project lifecycle.