Multiplier Event in Cyprus


This report has been created by CARDET to support the documentation of the Multiplier Event of the Apphop project in Cyprus. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Multiplier event took place online via the Zoom platform on the 15th of September. The event started on the 10:00 am and lasted until the 16:00 pm. Among the participants were local vocational educators and trainers but also youth learners from all around Cyprus. The event aimed to show to the young learners the different Breakout Challenges that the partners’ developed and teach them the principles of entrepreneurship based on the Entercomp Framework. In addition, the event aimed to show to the trainers and educators the different tools which they could teach entrepreneurship to young learners. It should be mentioned that in the event they were participated 26 trainers and learners in total.


As we mentioned above we organised the event online because of the COVID-19 situation via the Zoom platform. We have invited the participants through our network with different organisations and institutes. An agenda was provided to all participants presenting at first the project and then creating the 2 Zoom Breakout Rooms between trainers and learners. The learners and the trainers conducted a Digital Breakout Challenge Workshop while educators participated in the In-service Training. In the afternoon we had 3 keynote speakers from 3 different Cypriot entrepreneurs about their entrepreneurship activities and their success. A discussion were followed with questions from the audience and answers from the speakers.

Results and Findings

In brief, the pilot implementation was completed achieving its purpose. Participants were well informed about the project purpose and objectives, the usefulness of Digital Breakout Challenges as a learning method, and the compendium of DBCs created by the consortium under the IO1. In addition, participants were guided to create an account in the e-learning platform of the project, test the learning resources and give feedback. The comments of them were encouraging, and they overall rated the efforts as satisfactory.


Although the Multiplier event organised online, the interest from the participants were really high and all participants managed to follow the event smoothly. The event was a very good opportunity to present our outputs to trainers and learners. In addition, the keynote speakers provided some interesting elements about entrepreneurship and the discussion that followed was really fruitful. In overall, it was a successful event and we believe that the learners found the Digital Breakout Challenges interesting while the trainers learn on how use the In-service Training material.