You will learn more about:
• The project development up to date
• The third Transnational Partner Meeting
• App Hop and COVID
• Next steps


The first Intellectual Output

Partners are delighted to announce that after many months and lots of hard work, all 120 digital breakouts from the first Intellectual Output have been finalized and produced in English.

AppHop Compendium of Digital Breakout Entrepreneurship Resources consists of Digital Breakout learning resources that address 3 competence areas identified in the EntreComp Framework and these are:

  • Ideas and Opportunities
  • Resources
  • Into Action
The second Intellectual Output

We are also pleased to announce that in service training is now in its final stages of development. The purpose of this Learner Manual is to present a new pedagogical approach required for effective use of the Digital Breakout Resources in daily activities.

AppHop In-service training programme consists of an In-service training to support the CPD of VET tutors. This training will enable tutors to develop their own digital breakout resources.

The new normal

Like every other sector of life, the App-Hop project and it’s development has been hampered by COVID19. However, much like a lot of other people out there, partners have had to adapt. It has been difficult but partners are well used to creating materials remotely. Afterall, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership is all about working remotely, and across different languages and cultures. Partners have had to cancel a face to face meeting in Sofia and host the meeting online. It was a fruitful meeting where literally everything that needed to be discussed was discussed.

C1 Virtual Training Event

The C1 Virtual Training event was originally supposed to take place in Lancaster UK, but unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic situation in the world, the event has been moved and will take place face to face but virtually. While the in-service training will in future be delivered in a local setting, project partners will do their best to take advantage of the opportunity that ERASMUS+ provides to bring a small group of professionals together to share experiences, learn from each other and develop positive working relationships for the future. The result of the AppHop transnational training event will be the establishing of a transnational group of like minded education professionals who will support each other and further develop their working relationships into the future.

What next?

During the coming months, partnership is planning to:

• Continue work on developing the second Intellectual Output of the Project
• Create a dynamic, online learning environment that will provide an instant access to all produced resources.
• Carry out the C1 Virtual Training event