This newsletter includes:

  • A project development update
  • The implementation of the project piloting phase and multiplier events
  • The final ‘hybrid’ Transnational Partner Meeting in Athens
  • The official end of the project


The project partners are delighted to announce that after many months and lots of hard work, the following steps of project development have been successively completed:

  • Development of the IO1 App-Hop Compendium of Digital Breakout Entrepreneurship Challenges
  • Development of the IO2 In-Service Training Programme
  • Development of the Interactive Online Learning Portal
  • Delivery of the C1 Virtual Training event

Despite the unexpected and difficult circumstances that arose due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the members of the project consortium managed, through teamwork and effective communication, to find solutions in order to successively create and carry out all the necessary resources and outcomes of the project.

Piloting Phase & Multiplier Events

In the final phase of the project it was time for each partner to conduct their piloting training and multiplier events. Due to the different restrictions in each partner country, these events were carried out either face to face or in a virtual form via Zoom. The multiplier events aimed to clearly demonstrate the accessibility and the interactive nature of the resources, and the gaming element of learning that is best suited to the preferences of the VET target groups. In addition, each partner carried out piloting training for each output among vocational teachers and vocational educators.

Final meeting in Athens

Although there were some obstacles related to travel restrictions in different partner countries, the consortium members managed to organise a hybrid transnational final meeting in Athens which took place on the 25th of August 2021, with several partners attending in person and the remaining present on the Zoom platform.

As the App-Hop project comes to an end, the project partners had the opportunity to express their gratitude to the project team and involved stakeholders and thank them for their work. In the meantime, we would like to invite everyone to benefit from the resources and materials which are all available on the project website!