Piloting of the AppHop project results

Rightchallenge has worked on the piloting of the AppHop project from June to July 2021. On June 22nd, 2021, we have met with VET tutors and VET learners in person to test the resources that have been developed for the AppHop project. The morning session was dedicated to IO2, where 11 VET tutors were able to thoroughly analyse the in-service training programme and give their feedback, as to ameliorate the quality of the materials and to make sure they answer VET tutors real needs.
During the afternoon, Rightchallenge has received 13 VET learners who experienced the digital breakout resources. Both groups have signed up on the online platform and tested it. The agenda for the piloting event on the 22nd of July was as follows, although some technical issues have caused some delays.

8:30 – Welcome
8:45 – Presenting the project + aims of the piloting 9:30 – Registering on the platform (tutors)
10:00 – Coffee break 10:15 – Presenting IO2
10:45 – Testing IO2 and the e-learning platform 13:30 – Lunch break
14:30 – Presenting IO1
15:30 – Registering on the platform learners) 16:00 – Coffee break
16:15 – Testing IO1 and the e-learning platform 19:30 – Evaluation

The event has ended with the participants answering an evaluation form. The responses have showed that the outcome of the piloting was successful and that the outputs comply and, in some cases, exceed the expectations of the target group members.
The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with the exception of some bugs that were detected in the online platform, but which have been quickly resolved by the partner responsible for the AppHop MOOC.

Overall, the piloting has showed that the project results were developed to a high standard and answer the target groups needs. Many of the VET learners attending the piloting event have showed interest in the method of learning adopted for AppHop. They have revealed to have felt motivated and eager to learn and complete the challenges. The VET tutors who participated have also showed positive interest in using the materials in their future activities and have claimed the training about how to improve their competences in challenge-based learning to have been very useful for the future of their professional lives.